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Pregnancy Pain

The extra weight and strain placed on the body during pregnancy can exacerbate the small issues that your body can normally compensate for on a daily basis. Resulting in lower back pain, thoracic pain, breathing problems, varicose veins and potential pelvic problems.

The body needs to adapt during pregnancy as the pelvis subtly moves to accommodate the growth of your baby. Both mechanical forces (for example, the mother lying on her back) and musculoskeletal dysfunctions (poor mobility through the sacroiliac joints or lumbar spine) can interfere with this process. One of the primary complaints experienced during pregnancy is sciatica. Sciatica broadly relates to an irritation of the sciatic nerve which is the main nerve running from your lower back through your pelvis and down to the lower leg. Symptoms can include pins and needles and referred buttock and leg pain.

Sciatica is commonly caused by an over activation of the piriformis muscle (deep rotator at the back of the hip), pelvic girdle dysfunction or lumbar spine injury. This can be alleviated by manual therapy by both an osteopath or physiotherapist.

The aim of osteopathic treatment in pregnancy is to facilitate the body to adapt to all the changes required during pregnancy and childbirth. Physiotherapy can assist with the retraining of muscles around the pelvis particularly post pregnancy.