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About Movehappy Osteopathy

Movehappy Osteopathy is the osteopathy branch of Movehappy Healthcare.

Movehappy Osteopathy prides itself on high quality healthcare. We currently employ one full-time osteopath and one part-time osteopath. All practitioners are university educated and accredited with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Agency (AHPRA). In addition, two of our osteopaths have post-graduate qualifications in Paediatric Manual Therapy.

Movehappy Osteopathy aims to restore form to improve function and maximise performance. Movehappy’s Osteopaths pride themselves on treating the whole patient to find the cause of the symptoms and working with each patient to help them to perform in their daily life as pain free and to the best of their abilities as possible.

We do this using a number of direct and indirect techniques including dry needling, joint mobilisation and manipulation, cranial, functional and fascial techniques.

Movehappy’s Osteopaths have a particular interest in the treatment of sports injuries, pregnancy-related issues and in the treatment of babies and children.