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Spinal Pain

Spinal pain can the effect the entire length of the spine, including the neck (cervical spine), lower back (lumbar spine) and the middle back (thoracic spine). It can be slow and insidious in onset, coming on gradually over time (for example pain caused by your sitting posture at a computer) or it can be acute, such as pain from a car accident or an incident on a sporting field.

Movehappy Healthcare has a unique combination of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy which is ideally suited to treat all back pain, depending on your preference.

Facet joints are small parts of the spinal column designed to facilitate movement in the spine. If poor postures are adopted, the weight bearing load of the spine is transferred to these small joints causing them to become painful over time.

Discs along with the vertebral bodies are the weight bearing structures of the spine. If the weight is not evenly distributed across these structures pressure is placed on the walls of the discs which can cause pain.

Our primary goal is to reduce your pain, which can be done via dry needle therapy, soft tissue therapy, muscle energy techniques and joint mobilisation or manipulation. Our secondary goal is to identify the cause of your pain and implement a plan to prevent this from recurring. Particularly with back pain this may involve posture re-education, core muscle retraining using real time ultrasound, general strengthening, and a home exercise program to ensure maintenance of pain reduction. Movehappy Healthcare practitioners can work with your GP and workplace to ensure appropriate steps are taken to ensure your symptoms are not re-aggravated. Movehappy Healthcare is equipped with an in-clinic gym that is set up for patients to complete their rehabilitative exercises in their own time with the advantage of having practitioners on hand to assist as required.