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Meet Our Osteopaths

Melissa Coulter – Senior Osteopath

Mel is the founder of Movehappy Osteopathy.

Mel moved from her home town of Melbourne to Canberra after graduating from RMIT in 1998. She has a keen interest in maternal and child health, and the treatment of mothers pre-, ante- and post natal, and babies suffering from birth trauma, reflux, colic and feeding difficulties. In 2012, Mel completed a post-graduate Certificate in Paediatric Manual Therapy from Victoria University.

With a background in sports participation, Mel has a good understanding of biomechanics and the treatment of sporting injuries, particularly of the lower back and pelvis. She has also completed post-graduate studies in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, Orthotic Prescription and Western acupuncture and dry needling.

Melissa is a past-president of the ACT Branch of the AOA and retired practitioner member of the Osteopathy Board of Australia.

Mel is the mother of 3 beautiful children: Jack, Darcy, and Zander.

Laura Frank

Laura graduated from Victoria University after moving from Seymour, Victoria to Melbourne to study.

She joined Movehappy Healthcare in 2008, and after two years of travelling the world, has returned in 2013. Laura’s sporting background as a tennis and netball player, and an AFL sports trainer has brought her to the Osteopathic profession.

She also has a keen interest in musculoskeletal and visceral osteopathy, and enjoys a diversity of patients, from elite athletes to pregnant women and the elderly.

Laura is a keen cyclist, and triathlete.