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Movehappy Healthcare is excited to announce that it is now stocking Exos bracing systems!

Movehappy is currently the physiotherapy, osteopathy and exercise physiology clinic in Canberra to stock the revolutionary, thermoformable technology. This technology provides a superior option to thermoplastic splinting and plaster casting designed to address numerous pathologies for the upper extremity. The Exos advanced technology allows our clinicians to mould each brace directly to every patient for the best possible fit, comfort and stabilisation. Exos also avoids the typical limitations associated with plaster casting by being waterproof, removable, lightweight and remouldable allowing for less disruption to a patient’s daily movements. Visit the Exos website for more information:

Movehappy will be fitting and supplying the braces for the following prices:

Exos Rhiza Hand Brace $80 Short Thumb Spica $70
Long Thumb Spica $120 Short Arm Fracture Brace $150