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Our History

Movehappy Healthcare was formed in 2007 as a merger of Berg Physiotherapy and Movehappy Osteopathy.

Movehappy Healthcare began in 2007 in Erindale. In 2010, Movehappy Healthcare began a joint venture with Crossfit 2600, opening a second location initially in Deakin, which has recently moved to Kingston. Movehappy Heathcare incorporates the following businesses

  • Movehappy Physiotherapy (Berg Physiotherapy)
  • Movehappy Osteopathy

MOVEHAPPY PHYSIOTHERAPY began as Berg Physiotherapy in early 2002, started up by solo practitioner Dave Berg. Over the years, Berg Physiotherapy grew to include other physiotherapists, and in 2007 merged with Melissa Coulter’s (now Melissa Berg) Movehappy Osteopathy to form Movehappy Healthcare. The name Berg Physiotherapy was change to Movehappy Physiotherapy in 2010.

MOVEHAPPY OSTEOPATHY was opened by Osteopath Melissa Coulter (now Melissa Berg), who had previously been trading as a sole trader 2006. Movehappy Osteopathy currently employs four Osteopaths