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6. Orthotic Prescription

Orthotic prescription. At Movehappy Healthcare we stock two types of orthotic; heat moulded and gait scan prescription orthotics.
Heat moulded orthotics are an off the shelf base that can be built on the spot, heated and then moulded to be specific to an individual. These orthotics are particularly useful for young children whose feet are still growing rapidly.

They are indicated in children with “growing pain” where those pains are coming from torsions of the tibia or femur, kneecap pain, shin splints and hip pain in particular. The cost of heat moulded orthotics is $110 per pair.
ICB prescription moulded orthotics are made by The Orthotic Group in Canada, the fourth largest manufacturer of orthotics in the world. To make these orthotics we take a digital imprint of the foot while the patient walks. Using this technology we can see where the areas of peak stress are. These orthotics are best for adults or for use in running shoes. The cost of the orthotic is $400 for one pair or $650 for two pairs. They can be made in varying shapes and sizes to fit into different styles of shoe (for example dress shoes versus sports shoes). These orthotics typically take two weeks to come in from Canada.