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5. When should I see a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists at Movehappy treat a number of conditions and have a very wide scope of practice.
Our emphasis of practice is the creation, maintenance and promotion of optimal musculoskeletal health.

We treat not only pain, but also provide advice on posture, ergonomic and bike set ups, strengthening programs, and in some cases, nutrition and lifestyle advice. We also provide pre season screenings
for sporting teams and pre employment screenings for some corporations including the Australian
Federal Police.

Things for which a physiotherapist should always be seen include acute sporting injuries such as “sprained” joints and “strained” muscles. It is imperative to get injures such as these assessed and appropriately treated to ensure that correct bracing is applied in the case of joint injuries, and appropriate time off and strengthening is followed for muscle injuries.

Movehappy Physiotherapists also treat

  • spinal pain
  • headaches, jaw pain
  • “growing” pains in children
  • pregnancy and post pregnancy pain including continence training and assessment and
    quantification of rectus diastasis separation
  • overuse injuries and tendonopathic conditions (“tennis elbow”, “trochanteric bursitis”,
    “Achilles tendonitis” and “plantar fasciitis”
  • continence training post prostatectomy.

If in you are at all in doubt about whether a Movehappy Healthcare Physiotherapist can help you,
simply call our receptionists on 6231 1155 or 6162 0855 and ask. Alternatively send your query
by email to