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5. Taping

Taping. Tape is commonly used at Movehappy Healthcare post session. There are typically two forms of tape used.
Rigid taping is used to support an injured joint or to hold a joint correction post treatment. Typically we will apply a low allergenic tape (Fixamul) below a brown rigid tape (Leuko). Taping can be remarkably effective at reducing pain. The tape should only make things feel better and if that is not the case should be removed immediately. Tape can also be associated with allergies, which is why we use low allergy varieties. If you know you are allergic to tape please advise your practitioner.
Kinesiotaping Kinesio taping is a low allergy tape which has the capacity to shorten and tighten once applied. Like rigid tape it can be used to support joints. It can also be highly effective at activating weak muscle, reducing tone in tight muscle, and assisting with lymphatic drainage (reduction of swelling).