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4. Dry needling and Western acupuncture

Dry needling and Western acupuncture. Though both of these techniques involve the insertion of a needle, they are quite different.
Dry needling uses the needle specifically to address muscle tightness and dysfunction. A needle is inserted into a muscle with the aim of producing a local twitch response. Studies have shown that this “twitch” is effective at normalising muscle tone, and restoring normal biochemistry in the muscle (stopping it from becoming a pain producer). It can be used on muscles that are too tight to loosen them, and that are too weak, to lift their tone. Whilst highly effective, this technique can be uncomfortable. All Movehappy Physiotherapists have received additional training in Dry Needling.
Western acupuncture is a technique in which needles are used to manipulate the pain relieving systems of the body by altering neuronal firing and the production of the body’s own pain relieving chemicals. This typically involves leaving the needles in for extended periods. It is minimally painful or uncomfortable. Dave, Will, Michael and Adnan are trained in this form of needle application.
In addition to needles applied during a session in physiotherapy, you might be offered press stud needles which can be left in over several days. These needles are aimed at producing the same effect as the above mentioned form of needling.