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15. When should I see an osteopath?

Osteopaths at Movehappy Healthcare treat a number of conditions and have a very wide scope of practice. Our emphasis of practice is the creation, maintenance and promotion of optimal musculoskeletal health.

Movehappy Osteopaths treat a range of conditions, including

  • headaches, neck, jaw and face pain
  • spinal and pelvic pain
  • pregnant women, to assist with pain during their pregnancy, birth preparation and post pregnancy, including breast feeding problems
  • babies with birth trauma, and related problems, including reflux, colic, feeding problems
  • restoring optimum function post- major surgery
  • overuse injuries and tendonopathic conditions (“tennis elbow”, “trochanteric bursitis”,
    “Achilles tendonitis” and “plantar fasciitis”.

If in you are at all in doubt about whether a Movehappy Healthcare Osteopath can help you, simply call our receptionists on 6231 1155 or 6162 0855 and ask. Alternatively send your query by email to