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13. What is the difference between a physiotherapist and an osteopath?

Physiotherapists and Osteopaths are both primary contact practitioners who have completed University level qualifications; four years for Physiotherapists and five years for Osteopaths.

Both Physiotherapists and Osteopaths treat musculoskeletal disorders. Both treat peripheral joints (for example shoulders and knees) as well as spinal joints. Osteopaths can manipulate (“crack”) cervical spines (necks). Only the Senior Physiotherapists who have done an additional Masters degree on top of their Bachelor can do this.

At Movehappy there is a lot of crossover between the skill set of our Osteopaths and Physiotherapists, and as such you can see either practitioner in almost any case. As a general rule however, our Physiotherapists manage more of the acute orthopaedic trauma and postoperative conditions and our Osteopaths manage children below the age of four.